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Venue Shopping

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 A wedding venue is one of the largest, most important decisions you will make about your wedding.  Aside from invitations, your venue will help form your guests first impressions of your wedding.  So choose that space wisely!  I tend to think that selecting a venue is a lot like buying a home. Unless you have an unlimited budget (wouldn’t that be lovely?!) you have decide what you absolutely must have, versus, what you would like to have. 


My mom is a real estate broker, and when my husband and I started talking about buying a home, she gave us some great advice.  She told us to pick three things that were must haves for us.  She said, “you’ll never find everything you want in one house, so you need to prioritize the things that are important to you.”  So as I have been venue hunting for a couple this past week, that advice came back to me.  You can spend a lot of time looking at all the venue options (because let’s be honest, there are hundreds!), or you can be smart about how you go about this search.  You want to think about location, budget, aesthetics, and catering and then list your top priorities.


What are the three, maybe four things that you must have in a venue?  Maybe you want the space to be rustic, modern, or romantic.  Or maybe it has to be able to host both the ceremony and reception.  Perhaps you are looking for a venue that is close to your childhood home where you will get ready.  Maybe you want a specific kind of lighting or decor.  Do they allow to you bring in your best friend’s catering company?  The options could be limitless.  


As a planner my goal is to help you find the best possible space.  Just like a good real estate agent, I’ll help you not become overwhelmed by the possibilities and help you find the venue of your dreams.  We will start with your priorities and narrow the search from there.  You didn’t go kissing every frog you met, so why should we go visit every venue within a 50 mile radius?!  Not every couple knows exactly what they are looking for, but I can help you to evaluate what you are really looking for in a venue.  So, what are the top three priorities for your wedding venue?

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