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Tea with the Queen

Afternoon Tea

It was already an extraordinary day.  Hannah and Ash were young and in love, and they were off to Buckingham Palace, where they had been invited to attend one of Queen Elizabeth’s garden parties.  Yes, that’s right.  I said Queen Elizabeth.  Ash’s father, Christopher, is the Bishop of Coventry, and this is the sort of special invitation that they are blessed to receive at times.  To Hannah’s surprise, Ash invited her along for the event.  She couldn’t wait.  What girl wouldn’t be over the moon about an invitation to tea with the Queen?


The day arrived, and Ash and Hannah dressed to impress.  Hannah was lovely as ever, and Ash looked quite the dashing boyfriend.  A delightful afternoon of tea and cakes turned into the most magical of moments when Ash took this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to propose in the Queen’s garden.  Can you imagine?!  What started out as an extraordinary day turned out to be one of the most precious memories that this happy couple will hold dear as long as they both shall live.


The Wedding

Ash and Hannah’s wedding took place at Trinity College in Cambridge (where both were students) on a drizzly April morning.  The couple wanted a very formal wedding, which fit perfectly with their background and love of tradition.  A few large sprays of purple and ivory flowers dotted the interior, but on the whole, the grandeur of Trinity College was what captured the eye.  One of the many highlights was watching Ash’s father perform the ceremony and pray over the newly married couple. 


The evening reception was equally as grand, and as guests arrived at their designated seats, they were pleasantly surprised to find a small jar of fresh honey, which had come from the father of the bride’s honeycomb and was a wedding token from the bride and groom. After dinner and speeches, the couple joined their friends and family in the Trinity College bar where they danced the night away to a live jazz band.  The evening ended with the lighting of paper lanterns set off into the night sky.  From a proposal in the Queen’s garden to a glowing lantern send off, I would say that is about as close to a royal wedding as you can get.  Well, without marrying Prince Harry of course! 

“Rachael helped plan each aspect of my wedding and was a constant source of support and encouragement. She brought a smile and warmth that filled even the more stressful tasks with a sense of fun.”
— Hannah