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Road Trip to Rings

The Plot

A blood drive was an unexpected place to meet, but when college students Rachel and Alex met, they immediately hit it off.  After several failed attempts at getting together, things grew awkward.  When they were unexpectedly thrown together on a road trip to South Dakota the summer after their sophomore year, the planning process was a bit uncomfortable, as they weren’t on great terms, but once the trip was underway, a friendship started to form.  And that friendship grew to be something more.  When the two returned to school in the fall, it wasn’t long before Alex asked Rachel on their first date.  A tandem bike ride along the beach followed by a picnic was just the sort of thing to win Rachel’s heart. 


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The Proposal

Fast forward a few years.  After graduating college, Rachel and Alex returned to their separate homes and continued dating long distance.  In late November, Alex secretly drove from South Dakota to Colorado and hiked to Rachel’s favorite spot in the mountains.  He waited for her there with a picnic and a ring.  He had arranged for one of Rachel’s close friends to go on a hike with her, and they set off early that day.  When Rachel crested the hill and saw a lone man by the lakeside, her first thought was, “who is this creeper?”  It wasn’t until she was a little closer that she realized the man standing by the water’s edge was Alex.  Her Alex. 


The proposal was about as picturesque as could be, and you can be sure that Rachel was surprised.  The couple celebrated their engagement with friends and family, and wedding planning got underway almost immediately.  




The Wedding

Rachel and Alex wanted a summer wedding in Colorado.  After hearing their story, the wedding came together beautifully.  We incorporated lots of details from their story and filled the day with personal touches.  Rachel loved to bake cookies and often made them for Alex while they were dating, so we had a large cookie table set up as favors for guests to take home with them.  Alex loved converse shoes, so all the groomsmen wore matching pairs.  The main focal point of the wedding was something that was very special to both of them, a tandem bike.  The image of a tandem bike could be seen everywhere from the invites to the cake topper, from the favor bags to the photo booth.   


Not only did the design have a personal touch to it, but the ceremony itself was filled with thoughtful touches.  Alex’s brother serenaded Rachel walking down the aisle with her father, and the ceremony was performed by Rachel’s eldest brother.  It was an intimate day that reflected the playful side of the couple, all the while acknowledging the seriousness of the occasion.  As the reception drew to a close, it seemed only appropriate that the couple boarded their new tandem bike and left under a canopy of bubbles.  

“My wedding would have been a mess if it weren't for Rachael! She took all my ideas and made them work to make our wedding personal to who we are. ”
— Rachel & Alex