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It’s a Paint Party!

Hen vs. Stag


When my friends Rosie and Jack got engaged, I knew I was in for a treat. They are some of my closest friends from my time living in England, and I couldn’t wait to celebrate with them. What was even more exciting was getting to help them plan their wedding (just wait until you see the photos!). 


But before the wedding festivities began, we of course had to have the hen and stag parties. For my American friends, these parties are the British version of our bachelorette and bachelor parties…on steroids! It is common for the hen and stag parties to take place over the course of an entire weekend, and what is even more amazing is that a lot of times they will involve travel to different countries (one of the many benefits of being so near Europe!). They are truly special weekends. 


Rosie had a weekend of laughs with her girls, and Jack had his fun with the lads, but what set their parties apart was the hen vs. stag paint party. Yes, you heard me right. A paint party. Rosie had visions of the Ten Things I Hate About You paint fight and wanted to do something similar. Unfortunately, there aren’t really any places like this in England, so I got to planning.


It didn’t take long for a full on paint war to take shape in my mind. It was the perfect end to a fun-filled weekend. This was one of the most outrageously fun events I have ever gotten to plan. It was simple, but it was amazing. So, is anybody up for a little fun?!











Before & After



Vendor Credits: Rachael Beckwith Photography


“I happen to like being adored, thank you!”
— Bianca (Ten Things I Hate About You)