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Beckwith Anniversary Merriment

In the midst of new brides and grooms each wedding season, it would be easy to let those summer weddings of the past slip through the cracks. So though this is belated, I wanted to send my Happy Anniversary tidings to the lovely Mr. & Mrs. Beckwith! It isn’t every day that I plan a wedding photographer’s big day, but it was an absolute joy to share in this couple’s story. Oh, you want to read their super cute story? Well, why don’t you check that out here


Let me just start by saying that Rachel and Alex have an awesome sense of style. Two super-chic styles of bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen with suspenders, bright orange ties and converse, and a bride in a foxy lace gown?Oh yeah, they looked good. But beyond their incredible fashion sense was a great story. A story that was unbelievably fun to tell. Now you want to read it, right?!  


Each wedding has it’s own story to tell and different things stick with you. Here are some of my favorite details…


The outdoor venue was absolutely stunning, especially at sunset. There is nothing like a Colorado summer wedding.  The cookie table and favor bags…too adorable. The candles and string lights gave the perfect ambiance for dancing under the stars. Seeing the bride’s brother marry them was really special (and his ability to incorporate the couple’s love of Harry Potter in his sermon was even more impressive!). The couple’s first date was a tandem bike ride, so it was the perfect design for their favor bags, place cards, and photo booth. Oh and did I mention that they rode off into the night on their tandem bike? So darn cute. And the hand made button and mason jar centerpieces? Gorgeous. The best part though? The personal vows that they wrote to each other. Nothing gets me teary like a good set of vows!

IMG_5216 IMG_6836 IMG_5207

Every detail had meaning. The cookie table, the tandem bike, the officiant, and the vows. When you leave a wedding personalized like that, you can’t help but feel connected to the couple. And isn’t that one of the great (and often rare) parts of a wedding…leaving and feeling like you actually got to know the couple more?! So Rachel and Alex, I hope you are enjoying all the fullness and richness that marriage has to offer. May this next year and all the years to follow be filled with more joy and laughter than you can handle! Happy Anniversary you two!

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“Rachael took all my ideas and made them work to make our wedding personal to who we are. I love being able to show off how personal and unique my wedding was. Thank you for all you did Rachael!”
— Rachel & Alex