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Anniversary Merriment

We adore a good wedding, but it’s no secret that what we really love more than anything, is to help couples prepare for marriage.  We do this because we believe in what marriage is at its core, a gift that’s meant to last. So when anniversaries of our couples role around, we can’t help but reminisce and celebrate the occasion!  Today is the anniversary of a most beloved couple, Hannah & Ash, who have quite the incredible story which you can (and should!) read here!  




Hannah and Ash, it was a joy and a privilege to be a part of your wedding.  From dress shopping to cake tasting, selecting a photographer to picking flowers, and honey pots to more dress shopping (I feel well acquainted with every dress shop from London to Cambridge!), it was all amazing fun!  


Your wedding was such a beautiful reflection of who you are as a couple.  Some of the details I loved from your wedding included Ash’s father performing the ceremony, Hannah’s understated but gorgeous gown, the honey pot favors that Hannah’s father filled from his own beehives, the custom bottles of wine from Trinity College, and the great jazz band that had everyone twirling and dancing the night away!  


It was one incredible day for me, and one incredible beginning for the two of you!  Thank you again for allowing me to be a part of this blessed occasion.  I wish you both continued love, happiness, grace, and laughter!


To see Hannah & Ash’s full story, click here!  


“Rachael helped plan each aspect of my wedding and was a constant source of support and encouragement. She brought a smile and warmth that filled even the more stressful tasks with a sense of fun.”
— Hannah