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A Day to Remember

Anniversary Merriment

Today is a very special day for me. Nine years ago I was a young girl excitedly getting ready to marry the boy of my dreams. Our wedding was just what I hoped it would be. It was filled with the personal touches I love, but what made it truly special was the love and laughter of all our family and friends there to celebrate our new marriage. It was an incredible day from beginning to end.



I loved watching my bridesmaids dance all around the place we got our hair done, singing their hearts out into hairbrushes. I loved the quiet moment alone with my dad right before he walked me down the aisle. I will never forget seeing Ben’s smiling face at the end of aisle, waiting for me, his bride. Even better was the moment we were announced Mr. and Mrs. Wilson! I loved seeing all our friends from college out on the dance floor…and then watching my parents tear it up with the moon walk! I loved seeing my mom laugh with Ben’s grandmother as they twirled their sparklers in the air when we left that night. But most of all, I was happy to look beside me and see the man I now called my husband. I prayed for a good man and God exceeded my wishes in every way possible. 


Ben, I had no idea the adventure God had in store for us that sunny July afternoon, and I wouldn’t trade one day (good or bad) of the last nine years for anything. Being your wife has been the highlight of my life. I love you Ben. Happy Anniversary! xox

“You and me baby we're stuck like glue!”
— Sugarland