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Long Live Love!

At MatchMade Event Co., we love love. It’s at the very root of our inspiration as wedding planners.

Every couple inspires us to design a wedding that uniquely captures the essence of their love story.
Our weddings are special and thoughtful and one-of-a-kind. It’s what we’re known for.
Yet as special as our celebrations are, we do like to think that they are only the beginning. The adventure of a lifetime awaits.

Who is MatchMade?

We are Chicago-based wedding and event designers dedicated to perfectly tailored and personalized events that set the tone for a lifetime of love.

  Our weddings are representative of and inspired by the couples with whom we work. While we have an eye for the fashionable and trendy, our mantra is to let the couple’s story guide the design and overall feel of their wedding. Oh, and did we mention that we are always willing to travel?!?   [bucket id="67" title="BTN: Get To Know Us"]

Telling Stories

We are storytellers, and we’re telling the story of you…two. In honor of your love, we design unexpected magical moments into all of our weddings. The meaningful moments and tiny adornments that are tucked into every ceremony and reception speak directly to our couples and their guests.

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Rachael Wilson  |  July 13, 2015  |  Long Live Love
365 days later and I still can’t get this wedding off my mind! This past weekend was the one year anniversary of Ben and Claire and I can’t help but reminisce about what an incredible wedding they had last July (click here to read about their gorgeous wedding!). I certainly wasn’t the only...
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Rachel & Alex’s Anniversary Merriment

Rachael Wilson  |  July 7, 2015  |  Long Live Love
It’s been four years since Rachel and Alex vowed to love one another for all time (want to see their story? Click here!), and they have packed a lot into those four years! They’ve travelled to England, Spain, and France as well as Seattle, Hawaii, California, and the ever lovely Chicago! They’ve been...
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